'Kitty'   £50


    Loom-knitted Jute drawstring purse with hand embroidery, wood and glass beads and loom knitted chain strap..


         Pinkish Dangly                                 Spring on the Way                                    W,W,S & Turquoise  

                £50                                                        £40                                                               £80


  Pinkish Dangly - a drawstring purse, fluffy in places with lots of different fibres, woven bottom and glass beads  


  W,W,S & Turquoise- wool, wood, shells and turquoise glass beads, a loom knitted drawstring bag with a woven bottom,wood, locally gathered shells &,turquoise glass beads and at the top and round the bottom.


 'Spring on the Way'- handbag, mixed multi fibre yarns with a hint of flowers to come and glass, shell, metal and plastic beads.


   Loom knitting is a process which is great for making things in the round- its easy, no fancy stiches and once started very relaxing.